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23 March 2019 22:54:35
New 6 a side league running near you... to join call 07904 733 502 ... FREE ENTRY!
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Monday 2012/13 Summer: Back
Division 1:
501st Griffins
Big Kingerz Lumpheadz
ELP United
Over the hill
Real Sosobad
Sporting Boners A
The Lions
The Mobb
Division 2:
Athletic United
First & Fifteenth
One Hit Wonders
Past Our Best United
Pimp My Side
Prestige Worldwide A
Real Old Boys
Swag Me Out

Team - 501st Griffins

Latest league results

Monday 03 June 2013
Booooom0v5501st Griffins
Monday 29 April 2013
Big Kingerz Lumpheadz9v4501st Griffins
Monday 15 April 2013
Big Kingerz Lumpheadz3v1501st Griffins
Monday 08 April 2013
Booooom2v3501st Griffins
Monday 11 March 2013
Sporting Boners A1v11501st Griffins
Monday 04 March 2013
ELP United3v1501st Griffins
Monday 25 February 2013
The Lions0v6501st Griffins
Monday 18 February 2013
Over the hill0v5501st Griffins
Monday 11 February 2013
Real Sosobad2v4501st Griffins
Monday 04 February 2013
The Mobb3v6501st Griffins
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