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18 September 2021 05:08:44
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Division 1 league table - Summer 2014

Team namePWDLGFGAGDPointsFair Play
Hyde Park FC181071335283792
Jubodhol FC187832713142990
Old Bacca Boys1877417892890
Borussia Teeth176743214182571
Tetley's Tino18675197122591
Al-Aqs FC194781023-131982
Super Sixes184591743-261791
Samba FC183510635-291491
Half A Dozen Cousins181710325-221080
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Match results

Friday 18 December 2015
Half A Dozen Cousins0v0Hyde Park FC
Tetley's Tino0v0Super Sixes
Al-Aqs FC0v0Jubodhol FC
Borussia Teeth0v0Samba FC
NFA0v0Old Bacca Boys
Friday 11 December 2015
Half A Dozen Cousins0v0Tetley's Tino
Hyde Park FC0v0Al-Aqs FC
Super Sixes0v0Borussia Teeth
Jubodhol FC0v0NFA
Old Bacca Boys0v0Samba FC
Friday 04 December 2015
Al-Aqs FC0v2Tetley's Tino
NFA0v3Hyde Park FC
Jubodhol FC0v3Old Bacca Boys
Friday 27 November 2015
Al-Aqs FC1v2Borussia Teeth
Tetley's Tino1v2NFA
Half A Dozen Cousins0v0Samba FC
Hyde Park FC0v0Jubodhol FC
Old Bacca Boys2v3Super Sixes
Friday 20 November 2015
NFA0v0Borussia Teeth
Samba FC0v0Al-Aqs FC
Jubodhol FC0v0Tetley's Tino
Super Sixes0v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Hyde Park FC0v0Old Bacca Boys
Friday 13 November 2015
NFA0v0Samba FC
Borussia Teeth0v0Jubodhol FC
Al-Aqs FC0v0Super Sixes
Tetley's Tino0v0Hyde Park FC
Old Bacca Boys0v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Friday 06 November 2015
Jubodhol FC4v0Samba FC
Super Sixes4v3NFA
Hyde Park FC3v0Borussia Teeth
Half A Dozen Cousins0v1Al-Aqs FC
Tetley's Tino1v0Old Bacca Boys
Friday 30 October 2015
Jubodhol FC2v1Super Sixes
Samba FC0v2Hyde Park FC
NFA1v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Borussia Teeth1v1Tetley's Tino
Old Bacca Boys0v0Al-Aqs FC
Friday 23 October 2015
Hyde Park FC1v1Super Sixes
Half A Dozen Cousins0v1Jubodhol FC
Tetley's Tino0v1Samba FC
Al-Aqs FC0v0NFA
Borussia Teeth1v1Old Bacca Boys
Friday 16 October 2015
Hyde Park FC3v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Super Sixes0v1Tetley's Tino
Jubodhol FC5v0Al-Aqs FC
Samba FC0v1Borussia Teeth
Old Bacca Boys0v0NFA
Friday 09 October 2015
Tetley's Tino0v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Al-Aqs FC0v2Hyde Park FC
Borussia Teeth12v0Super Sixes
NFA2v1Jubodhol FC
Samba FC0v3Old Bacca Boys
Friday 02 October 2015
Tetley's Tino4v0Al-Aqs FC
Half A Dozen Cousins0v0Al-Aqs FC
Hyde Park FC1v2NFA
Super Sixes3v0Samba FC
Old Bacca Boys2v1Jubodhol FC
Friday 25 September 2015
NFA1v0Tetley's Tino
Samba FC2v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Jubodhol FC2v2Hyde Park FC
Super Sixes0v3Old Bacca Boys
Thursday 04 December 2014
Borussia Teeth9v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Samba FC3v0Super Sixes
Thursday 25 September 2014
Borussia Teeth3v0Al-Aqs FC
Thursday 18 September 2014
Borussia Teeth0v2NFA
Al-Aqs FC2v0Samba FC
Tetley's Tino0v0Jubodhol FC
Half A Dozen Cousins1v3Super Sixes
Old Bacca Boys0v1Hyde Park FC
Thursday 11 September 2014
Samba FC0v2NFA
Jubodhol FC2v2Borussia Teeth
Super Sixes1v4Al-Aqs FC
Hyde Park FC1v0Tetley's Tino
Half A Dozen Cousins0v1Old Bacca Boys
Thursday 04 September 2014
Samba FC0v5Jubodhol FC
NFA3v0Super Sixes
Borussia Teeth0v3Hyde Park FC
Al-Aqs FC2v1Half A Dozen Cousins
Old Bacca Boys1v0Tetley's Tino
Thursday 28 August 2014
Super Sixes1v2Jubodhol FC
Hyde Park FC5v0Samba FC
Half A Dozen Cousins1v0NFA
Tetley's Tino1v0Borussia Teeth
Al-Aqs FC0v1Old Bacca Boys
Thursday 21 August 2014
Super Sixes0v6Hyde Park FC
Jubodhol FC2v0Half A Dozen Cousins
Samba FC0v8Tetley's Tino
NFA2v0Al-Aqs FC
Old Bacca Boys0v1Borussia Teeth