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17 July 2019 16:01:53
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Welcome to Soccer League UK

Established in 2007 by people passionate about football, we have been running small sided leagues for communities in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire ever since. Small Sided Football is the most popular and fastest growing area of adult football. With millions of adults playing every week and almost 50,000 teams playing in competitive leagues, this format of football has increasingly become an integral part of football across the UK.

Soccer League UK provides local leagues, on a variety of surfaces, including 3G all weather and indoor, so whether you are a group of friends, work colleagues or a team looking for extra practice and training - you can enjoy our professionally run leagues with a competitive edge, and all at an affordable price.

Click here for a copy of our match rules and terms & conditions of entry.

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Latest league results

Saturday 12 September 2020
Autoglass FC2v0AFC Soundsystem
The Hybrids5v0Lay The Chamakh Down
Goals Allowed (A)0v0Lay The Chamakh Down
Capitulation FC5v0Muffin Stuffers
Capitulation FC3v0Autoglass FC
Goals Allowed (A)0v5Game of Throw-ins
Flamingos FC5v0Goals Allowed (B)
Athletico GonnerKopSaints0v7Moves Like Agger
Wednesday 01 July 2020
CBC FC0v02 Goals 1 Cup
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Upcoming cup fixtures

Kick offHome-Away
Monday 18 June 2018 - AFC Kempston - Pitch 6
08:00 PMNet-6 and Chill (A)vChuckle On A Monday
Monday 25 June 2018 - AFC Kempston - Pitch 6
07:30 PMThe Barber Cave FCvBrazilian Boys (A)
08:00 PMChuckle On A MondayvNet-6 and Chill (A)
Monday 25 June 2018 - St Ives One Leisure Pitch A
07:00 PMBooooom FCvOne Hit Wounders
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Upcoming league fixtures

Kick offHome-Away
Monday 08 July 2019 - St Ives One Leisure Pitch B
07:00 PMEl Bano FCvFellaroos FC
07:30 PMShort-sighted Banana DwarfsvThe Dirty Dogs FC
08:00 PMNetSix and ChillvRouse's Raiders
08:30 PMBayer NeverlusenvChocolate Ba's & Corn Eto's
08:30 PMFirst & FifteenthvWho Ate All Depay's
Monday 08 July 2019 - AFC Kempston - Pitch 6
08:00 PMTri-Poloski FCvNet-6 and Chill
08:30 PMBrazilian BoysvReus and Beans FC
Monday 08 July 2019 - St Ives One Leisure Pitch A
07:00 PMClunker FCv2 Goals 1 Cup
07:30 PMBooooom FCvOne Hit Wounders
08:00 PMParalympiakosvRaging Kaboul
Monday 08 July 2019 - AFC Kempston - Pitch 5
07:00 PMKempston East FCvBedford Allstars FC
07:30 PMTexas OldhamvHardley Athletic
08:00 PMYolo Toure FCvThe Barber Cave FC
08:30 PMBrazilian BoysvChuckle On A Monday
Tuesday 09 July 2019 - AFC Kempston - Pitch 6
07:00 PMBumfica FCvLost In Portugal FC
07:30 PMSub-standard Liege FCvPut The Kettle On Kid
08:00 PMEscobar's SixvFlamingos FC
08:30 PMAudi Miss That!?vLimp Richards FC
Tuesday 09 July 2019 - AFC Kempston - Pitch 5
07:00 PMSpartak Supernova (B)vQueens Park FC
07:30 PMOnly Fools and ScorersvSpartak Supernova (A)
08:00 PMAthletico GonnerKopSaintsvOnly Fools and Scorers
08:30 PMEagles FCvKA-Boom
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